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celebrate the art & craft of wine making.

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability all begins in the vineyard with a program we call Sunlight and Spring Water. Our goal in producing the best quality grapes is to use the minimum naturally derived nutrients and practices to manage vine health. All natural waste is returned to the vineyard directly or composted first. We also rely heavily on natural predators to combat pests and use non-synthetic forms of disease control.  It is more labor intense but it allows us to spend more time among the vines monitoring their health.  

Only the best grapes make it to the winery where we use naturally isolated yeasts, bacteria and amino acids to complete the fermentation process. Even our cleaners and sanitizers are 100% natural and biodegradable allowing us to recycle our waste water back into the vineyard.  

When the wine is ready for packaging, we carefully select bottles that are lighter weight which means less resources to produce and less fuel to ship them. Our labels are made from recycled paper and environmentally friendly water based inks. All Perrucci Family Vineyard wines are enclosed with a 100% natural and renewable cork. We have eliminated the traditional foil or wax seal allowing us not only to reduce the use of natural resources, it allows us to showcase the beauty of the cork.    

While we encourage customers come to the winery to pick up their wines in person, we can ship using only recycled and fully recyclable cardboard packaging.  

Perrucci Family Vineyard wines Merlot, Syrah, and Sangiovese.
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