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The Perrucci Family Story
Patriarch Donald Perrucci helping Plant the First Grapes on the Estate in 1996
Andy Perrucci pouring some award winning Perrucci wine.
Greg Perrucci
Perrucci Family Vineyard Logo
Perrucci Family at a tasting event outside the winery.



Our ancestors came to America over a century ago. They settled in the Santa Clara Valley because the fertile soil and mild climate reminded them of the Italian countryside they left behind.

Most of our relatives from that era became involved in tree crops and the production of high quality dried fruit and nuts. Our two winemaker brothers, Andy and Greg had limited involvement in agriculture.  Andy studied Aeronautical Engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and has been employed in the aerospace industry since the early 1980s. After majoring in Business Administration at San Diego State, Greg spent 2 decades in high tech at various large Bay Area firms.

In the late 1990s the brothers decided to try their hand at growing grapes. They planted a few Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese vines on a hillside at the Los Gatos estate of their mother and father, Don and Gen Perrucci. The plantings were successful and after 4 years they picked the grapes and made wine at a friend's house. The wine was marginal at best. Still, the brothers were determined to make good quality wine so they prevailed on father Don to invest in our own equipment and build a small building below the vineyard. Not having previous winemaking experience, Andy and Greg read, researched, attended seminars and asked questions. They became quite skilled in the art, and after a short period of trial and error, they were producing very high quality vintages. So much so that our wines now routinely receive awards and medals year after year.

One of the benefits of accomplishment is to share the fruit of our labor with others. In 2003 we bonded the winery and made the wine available to our friends and neighbors. We formed The Perrucci Family Wine Club, creating a vehicle whereby our quality wine can be easily obtained at a favorable pricing level. The Wine Club has been a substantial and growing part of the Perrucci Family Vineyard operation.

The entire Perrucci family, Andy and Greg’s sister Kristin, spouses, cousins, and grandchildren, are all involved in one way or another in contributing to the success of the Perrucci Family Vineyard. We are all dedicated to producing the finest quality wine possible from our fertile little Estate.

Andy's youngest son Alec came to the winery full time in the summer of 2018 to take over Winemaking and support all avenues of the business. Check out his full biography here (winemakers bio).

The Perrucci Family
Vineyard Story

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