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Celebrate the art & craft of wine making
Wine, Corkscrew, & Wine Bottle

The Craft of Creating
Perrucci Family Wines

The process of making a quality wine is part lab experiment, part culinary art, and part heart and soul.  At Perrucci Family Vineyard, we celebrate the entire process, and putting all of our knowledge and skill in every barrel.


We believe that great wines are made in the vineyard.  That's why we want grapes grown on vines we plant, nourish, and harvest or from specific growers we know that share the same belief. Because our vineyards have so many varied characteristics including altitude, exposures, and soil substrates, we can make a uniquely distinctive and delicious wine with every vintage produced under the Perrucci Family label.


Knowing precisely when the grapes are at the peak of ripeness and ready for harvesting is essential to producing our full-bodied series of boutique wines. Ripeness is more than just the measure of sugars in the fruit. It is being able to detect the myriad of flavors and acids that go into the making of a premium wine. This requires a near continuous tasting of the fruit across our various blocks of vines during the harvest season. 


Once we commit to picking any block of fruit, we carefully create a fermentation plan unique to each one. With just the right timing, we add specific yeast and nutrients in precise amounts to promote or attenuate certain characteristics we deem essential to a great wine. 


After the vigorous activity of the ferment is over, our wines are ready for a long rest in the barrel.  We age only in premium hand-crafted oak barrels selected for their consistency and ability to promote the varietal characteristics unique to each varietal.  

Though we go through this painstakingly detailed process for each barrel we produce, it does not mean that they all are worthy to go into a bottle wearing the Perrucci Family name.  Only the best barrels of wine will have that privileged distinction.  

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