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celebrate the art & craft of wine making.

Our Wines


Perrucci Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet is King in the Perrucci Family and ours truly lives up to that royal position.  Most of our big reds mature for at least two years in a mixture of new and neutral American oak barrels.  Unlike our other wines, Cabernet stands alone in that it spends another two years quietly resting in the bottle.  This extra time from harvest to release sets it apart from our competitors as well.  Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that takes time to develop so when you get a bottle of Perrucci Family Cabernet, you know it is ready to burst forth with mature flavor. Our Estate Cabernet vines typically produce wine that is filled with fig, currant and dark cherry fruit along with coffee and vanilla undertones.  We add a small percentage of Merlot and Malbec to give it a smooth finish.

Santa Cruz Mountains Sangiovese

Sangiovese is a family favorite for many reasons. It is a wine that is comfortable when paired with almost any dish but also has what it takes to stand on its own. Made from 100% Perrucci Family Estate fruit, our Sangiovese is similar to the style of our Tuscan relatives. Our unique growing conditions allow for very long hang times which help create structure, build flavor and soften tannins all without getting over ripe. It is full of bright red fruit and mild herbs.


Santa Cruz Mountains Syrah

The warm days and cool nights of the Santa Cruz Mountains give this wine its fruit filled, velvety decadence that makes it an ideal match for any meal.  The vines are planted directly atop the Berrocal Earthquake Fault and struggle to find even basic sustenance.  They are the epitome of stressed and it shows in the wine.  It is loaded with dark fruit, leather and hints of smoke with a smooth, silky backbone


Santa Cruz Mountains Malbec

Great Malbec is hard to find and why we dedicated a portion of our estate vineyard to it.  The fruit is meticulously sorted to eliminate any bruised or damaged clusters before being carefully destemmed.  It is whole berry fermented and aged for two years in the barrel.  This fine example of Malbec is filled with dark berry and plum flavors with hints of cocoa, leather and tobacco. 

Santa Cruz Mountains Rosato

Not just a summer sipping wine, Perrucci Family Rosato is much more.  A small portion of our prized Sangiovese vineyard is harvested separately and is fermented on the skins for a few days in order to develop its pink sapphire hue.  We then cold press the fermenting must and finish it very slowly in closed tanks to help preserve its exotic aromatics.  It fills the senses with fresh flowers and ripe strawberries with a crisp finish that pairs perfectly with any light meal, appetizers or just enjoyed on a warm summer day all by itself. 

Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir

One of three varietals we do not grow is Chardonnay.  Our location on the east side of the mountain is not the right place for it.  Fortunately, we have built a strong relationship with the Bargetto family and their Regan Vineyard fruit from Corrolitos.  This extraordinary wine is made from 100% Regan Vineyards Pinot Noir. This Pinot Noir is aged in neutral oak barrels with a small touch of french oak add to the barrel. We take a litter touch to this excellent fruit to retain is extravagant nose of fresh fruit and soft spices. This Pinot Noir is reminiscent of old world Pinot Noir, where the alcohol is lower and balanced with light oak letting the grape stand on its on.

Santa Cruz Mountains Merlot

One of three varietals we do not grow is Merlot. This Merlot is sourced from Bargetto's Regan Vineyard in Corrolitos. There is something special about the Merlot grapes grown on the coastal side of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The sun drenched slopes are gently cooled by the ocean breeze which give the wine structure and backbone without letting the fruit take a back seat. Full bodied and full of flavor, our Merlot will certainly surprise you with mild cherry and vanilla with mint and leather undertones.

Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay

One of three varietals we do not grow is Chardonnay.  Our location on the east side of the mountain is not the right place for it.  Fortunately, we have built a strong relationship with the Bargetto family and their Regan Vineyard fruit from Corrolitos.  This extraordinary wine is made from 100% Regan Vineyards Chardonnay.  It is always cool fermented in stainless steel tanks retaining all the malic acid which gives it a hint of crisp green apple and ripe grapefruit. 

Heritage Series Mescolanza Red Table Wine

Mescolanza simply means "mixture" in Italian.  Since 2009 our Mescolanza has been made entirely from Santa Clara Valley fruit and to showcase that fact, it wears a special label.  It is reminiscent of mid-century fruit and vegetable harvest boxes that were once very common in the endless orchards and vineyards that once covered the valley.  The wine is a tribute to winemaking during that time. It is a medium bodied blend of various Bordeaux varietals, and sometimes Sangiovese, in ratios that change each year. Cabernet Sauvignon is always the dominant varietal but it is not overwhelming to the senses. Merlot ensures that tannins, acid and body are all smooth and well integrated. Each of the lots are fermented with very little intervention and aged separately in mostly neutral barrels for two years. After another year in the bottle, the wine is ready to be paired with any meal. It is always a very approachable table wine that is uncomplicated and full of flavor- like the wines made by local farmers generations ago.


Heritage Series Santa Clara Valley Pasha Syrah

Pasha is more than just another idyllic vineyard.  It is a corner of the world all its own. Surrounded by fragrant rose gardens and lavender fields, the vines are in full southern exposure yet cooled by the gentle breezes that arise from the valley below. This wine is a unique reflection of this very special place. Typically harvested first among our collection, the fruit reaches optimum ripeness at moderate sugar levels.  The results are a wine that is more old world in style where the fruit speaks as softly as the vineyard.

Wine Club Exclusive Wines
  • Single Varietal Reserves​​
    • When we have one barrel or multiple barrels of a varietal that stand above and beyond the rest​ of that varietal we will then blend the different barrels together to form the best single barrel of 100% varietal. Those single barrel wines are sometimes only from one part of the vineyard, or sometimes best parts of different vineyard locations are blended in to the one barrel. The wine is then aged longer in oak for 6 months to a year sometimes for a total of 3 or 4 years in the barrel. All single Varietal Reserves are Club Primo Vino Exclusive wines.

  •  Wine Club Exclusive Blends
    • Santa Cruz Mountains "Cento" - Cento (CHEN-toh) in italian means one hundred as in one hundred percent of the grapes contributed to this incredible red wine were grown on the Perrucci Family Estate in Los Gatos. This is an outstanding example of our family's dedication to fine winemaking. Cento is a blend of the best grapes from our Estate Vineyard. Cento is Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon dominant with Sangiovese to round it off. The best lots were combined and returned to oak to age in longer. The lots are all different barrels of aged wine with different characteristics. We pick at many different times during harvest to improve quality and produce different characteristics showcasing the best of what that part of the vineyard has to offer for that particular vintage.

    • Santa Cruz Mountains "Colline Cinabro"- Colline Cinabro means Cinnabar Hills in Italian. The hills all around us are loaded with Cinnabar. This wine pays homage to the local geography and history of the area. The wine is Sangiovese dominant blended in with some Bordeaux Varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec. Colline Cinabro is full of rich aromatics with toasty carmel, ripe cherries, fresh figs, currants, and distinct hints of Jasmine, and vanilla. Robust, well integrated tannins, make for a bold, wine which pairs well with food. 

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