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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a commercial winery?  Yes.  We have been licensed and operating as a commercial winery since 2003.

How did you get started?  This is the home of Don and Gen Perrucci.  In the early to mid-1990’s they decided to plant grapes with the intent to make it look more like their favorite place, Italy.  Soon after, their sons, Andy and Greg were pressed into making wine from the fruit and it became an instant passion.  More recently, Andy’s son, Alec has taken over winemaking duties and continues the family tradition of winemaking in California started by his great-great-grandfather over a century ago.

What grapes do you grow?  We grow two clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, two clones of Sangiovese, and one clone of Malbec here on the winemaking Estate.  On our winery managed outside properties, we grow two clones of Syrah, and one each of Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah.

Why so many varieties and clones?  Variety is the spice of life, and the different clones give us the ability to make more complex and flavorful wines.

Can we tour the vineyard?  Absolutely but please ask first.  There might be times and places that are not safe.  Always watch your step.  The terrain is very uneven and unstable plus there might be the occasional wildlife encounter.

What kinds of wildlife do you see here?  Being mostly rural, we have numerous species of birds, bugs, snakes, and mammals.  While the vast majority are harmless to us, we do see the occasional rattlesnake and mountain lion.  Both are generally elusive and like to stay hidden so the chances of you encountering one is very rare.

What vineyard practices do you use?  We strive to be sustainable, but our methods are more adaptable so that we can use the best practices as we need them.  To be sustainable, we must be good stewards of the environment and promote natural biodiversity, minimize pollution, prevent erosion, and minimize the use of synthetic products including chemical fertilizers, plastic packaging, and fossil fuels. To help accomplish this, we recycle all our water, return all organic winery waste products to the vineyard, rely on natural mulch to promote healthy, biodiverse soil, and prevent erosion, utilize recyclable shipping materials, and insist that our suppliers do as well, and much more.

Are your wines good?  Good? They’re great!  However, don’t take our word for it.  Ask to see the extensive collection of awards and medals we win, each with vintage.

Where can we buy your wines?  The best place is right here from us or from our website.  To get the best experience and price, check out our Wine Club.  It is a no-cost club that affords members greater access to our wines and winery plus large discounts.  See our Wine Club page for more detail. 

How can I get a Perrucci Family T-Shirt? You must be a Wine Club member and attend our annual Harvest Fest.

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